Category: Interjection

Definition and Usages of INTERJECTION

Happiness is a relative term. It varies from one person to another. sadness, angriness are also the same. All feelings pass over from one person to another. And to pass these or share these we use some words. These are known as Interjection. The words which express instant happiness, sadness, anger and all feelings are known as Interjection. Definition Interjection: যে সকল word মনের আকস্মিক আনন্দ, বিষাদ, বিষ্ময়, ঘৃনা, উচ্ছাস, প্রকাশ করে তাদেরকে Interjection বলে। এ ধরনের word গুলো মনের আকস্মিক ভাব প্রকাশ করে বটে তবে তাদের কোন অর্থ নেই। Sentence গঠনে তাদের কোন ভূমিকা না থাকলেও মনের আকস্মিক ভাব ... Read more

Definition and Classification of Conjunction

Connection is very essential in every sphere of our life. Every single thing around us is interconnected from one to another. So on that account, conjunction is also very important. The word which creates connection between more than two word or phrase is known as Conjunction. Definition of Conjunction: যে word দুই বা ততোধিক word, phrase বা clause এর মধ্যে সংযোগ স্থাপন করে তাকে Conjunction বলে। She is intelligent but her sister is foolish. সে বুদ্ধিমতী কিন্তু তার বোন বোকা। Jamal and Kamal will come today. জামাল এবং কামাল আজকে আসবে। CLASSIFICATION OF CONJUNCTIONS: Mainly, Conjunctions are three types, these are: ... Read more